How to Plan Your SEO Strategy with Effective Targeting

How to Plan Your SEO Strategy with Effective Targeting

Often the measure of effective SEO targeting is considered the ranking in the search engine lists or increased traffic; but neither makes your company more money. The measurable intent of a SEO strategy is the conversion rate; only the process of converting visitors to customers returns the investment in SEO. Three strong techniques for a powerful SEO strategy are:

1. Keywords
2. Content
3. Call to Action

Let’s look at these factors and their relevance to attracting converting traffic i.e. sales.

1. Keywords

The importance of understanding your unique benefits, the drivers for your customers and your competition are all important elements of the key word analysis. I recommend you use these powerful tools for keyword choices, user trends, competition analysis and help optimizing your site:

Google Webmaster Tools
SEM Rush Wordtracker Web CEO
The use of software or keyword analysis sites like these will show you additional keywords similar to your suggested list. Spend time researching the keywords used by your potential customers to find products like yours in Google and Yahoo searches. Go for the less competitive phrases as you will rank more easily on Google this way. Then optimize for the most competitive phrases later. There is also a strong belief that a word is not enough, but that real power lies in the long word key phrase, as that begins to filter visitors and increases the possibility of conversion.

2. Content is King

Organic SEO and Internet marketing strategies have long seen the power of the use of content to drive visitors to the site, to influence trust and confidence in the company’s knowledge and experience and to increase conversion rates. Keyword rich articles may increase search engine rankings and even increase traffic to the site, but unless the visitor finds depth in the content they will not stay long enough to convert to customers.

It is important to include a wide range of content sources on your site, from easy to skim articles to more complex and detailed articles and eBooks on subject matter that will matter to your customers. This content will encourage repeat visits to the site, build trust and improve conversion rates.

For example, if your site offers information on movies, find niche areas like cult films or Sc-Fi and locate blogs where fans debate these films. Then offer quality content on the subjects to that blog, include your bio, and a link back to your site. Targeting niche areas with the right keywords is more likely to produce converting traffic and visitor retention.

3. Call to Action

The final leg of the 3 prong SEO strategy needs to be a clear, concise call to action. What do you want the visitor to do? Sign up for a newsletter, order a product, take a survey, and complete a registration. The call to action is the message to move to the next step, the first stage of the conversion process. This is the critical move from visitor to customer. Make it a clear message, keep it friendly but make the action precise, and easy to follow. Offer a trial if it’s a product, or if possible – a free version minus all the best selling bits included in the paid full version. Use your creativity here.

An effective SEO strategy builds customers and revenue. Know your key phrases, build rich and relevant content and make the call to action clear and easy to follow.
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